• In-home Training---The fitness is delivered to you!  Training sessions can be individual or partner (you and a friend).  All programs will be developed with the individual's interests, goals, and lifestyles in mind.  Emphasis is on integrative fitness.  Sessions include some combination of cardio, functional strength, mind/body, stretching, meditation, breathing exercises and/or nutrition counseling.  This allows us to work on not just one component of fitness, but rather, fitness as a whole.

  • Outdoor Training---Let's take the fitness outdoors!  Individual or partner sessions can be taken outside, starting in the Spring when weather permits.
  • Pre and Postnatal Fitness---Private in-home sessions for Pre and Postnatal Women.  Outdoor Postnatal Stroller classes available starting June 9th, 2018!

  • Paddleboard Fitness---Private fitness sessions on SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), starting June 16th, 2018.  No experience necessary!  

  • Bollywood Dance Fitness Series---This is a 3 week series where you and your friends will learn some basic Bollywood dance moves while getting a great aerobic workout and, of course, having a blast!  You choose what day and time you would like to meet; each session runs for approximately 55 min.  Available beginning June 20th, 2018....Don't miss out on this Bollywood Fitness Experience!


Please contact Jess to discuss your fitness future!  Consultation is free.